A Syrian private university with major focus on scientific academic programs located in the North of Syria at Hazano, Idlib. MPU has been running since 2015 and it has a prospect plans for developing higher education in Syria.


Mari Private University focuses mainly on developing the scientific methodology of students, supporting them, developing their expertise and abilities, advancing society and linking graduates to the labor market.

GLOBAL Horizons

Mari Private University seeks to build a network of relationships and sign memoranda of understanding with local, regional and international academic and educational institutions.

For our students, Mari Private University is Their Way to Success


A focus on Dentistry

Your portrait for Future


Practical Training

Practical Training for students


Serving Community

MPU is community-oriented

Faculty of Dentistry It is the faculty of applied knowledge and applications
Training students to be dentists of future...
More about Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Information Technology Your gateway for latest developments
in computer sciences, AI, and robotics ...
More about Faculty of Information Technology
Prosthodontics Institute Preparing students to work in dental industries
Applying theoretical experiences in a practical way ...
More about Prosthodontics Institute
Midwifery Institute Preparing the students to be the midwives of the future
By integrating theoretical, practical, applied and clinical skills ...
More about Midwifery Institute
Welcome to Mari Private University Your Way to ultimate SUCCESS...

Why Choose Us

Our Vision

Mary Private University seeks continuous development to maintain quality assurance and excellence in higher education and scientific research, and in all fields of business to be one of the leading universities in Syria.

Our Mission

Transfer of knowledge and vocational sciences by adopting high-quality teaching methods that match the academic specifications approved by international universities and according to the specializations available at the university. Mary Private University aims to provide students with scientific knowledge and applied experiences to keep pace with the needs of the labor market.

Our Goals

  • Providing the opportunity to study, specialize and delve into the various fields of knowledge to meet the needs of society.
  • Encouraging, and developing scientific research.
  • Developing the spirit of scientific research, intellectual independence, personal initiative, and the spirit of teamwork in all faculties and institutes of the university.
  • Achieving comprehensive quality standards in a way that contributes to achieving academic dependence on university programs.
  • Enabling the Syrian society to deal with the latest innovations and development in all fields of knowledge.

What Distinguishes MPU from Other HEIs?

Mary’s Private University is distinguished as a community-serving university, as it offers educational programs that focus on community service and development.

Prospects for Development

Mari Private University works to promote the values of development, modernization and capacity building of students, which contributes to enabling them to build a healthy and cohesive society. The university also works to link the university with international academic institutions.

Serving Community

MPU holds many symposiums and civic events with community representatives and pioneers to discuss the positive impact and the added value that Mary’s Private University can provide.

Spark Of Genius

Mari Private University Plans to facilitate and enhance local and international networking for students and staff.


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