Prosthodontics Institute at Mari University


Prosthodontics Institute at Mari University seeks to achieve quality and excellence and occupy a prominent scientific position by providing a distinguished environment for university education, scientific research, and community service, which qualifies it to compete at all levels.


Preparing qualified and specialized graduates who are able to meet the needs of society and who are creative in the laboratory work that supplement the work of dentists.
Preparing qualified graduates for clinical dealing with patients, and managing the affairs of the dental clinic


1. Acquisition of knowledge, understanding, and laboratory skills for making various prosthodontics.
2. Maintain professional standards by recognizing the importance of continuing professional education
3. Possess personal and technical skills and the ability to use modern technology in prosthodontics.
4. Maintain safety and infection control levels


The duration of the study is only two years, after which the student obtains a licensed assistant degree in prosthodontics. The study at the institute is theoretical and practical (laboratory) and proceeds according to the semester system.
The academic year is divided into two semesters of 12 weeks each.

Course Description

First Year

First Semester

Second Semester

Crowns and Bridges 1

Oral and Dental Anatomy 2

English 1

Full Compensation 2

Oral and Dental Anatomy 1

English 2

Partial Compensation 1 (Plasticity)

Crowns and Bridges 2

Public Health 1

Partial Compensation 2 (Structural)

Dental Materials 1


Full Compensation 1


Second Year

First Semester

Second Semester

The Health of Mouth and Teeth

English 3

Partial Compensation 3 (Plasticity)


Orthodontics and Occlusal Principles 1

Orthodontics and Principles of Launch 2

Crowns and Bridges 3

Crowns and Bridges 4

Dental Porcelain 1

dental Porcelain 2

Dental Materials 2

Partial Compensation 4 (Structural)

Full Compensation 3

Full Compensation and Maxillofacial Compensation4